Why a Sailboat?

Why Seaborne Missions?

The Circumnavigators Mission Fleet can provide unique spiritual and material support to church plants, existing missions, aid and relief efforts, and those fleeing persecution in other countries, especially in places where usual methods of travel are difficult due to government restrictions on movement. We can effortlessly reach places that would be logistically prohibitive for conventional inland missions.

Small sailing vessels, pleasure yachts, and other similar ships are treated differently than normal travelers who come by plane; the sailboat can find a harbor in almost any country and can usually obtain many easy visas or visa-free anchorages (even in some of the most difficult-to-penetrate countries). No cover story is needed. There are also many isolated people groups throughout the world that are uniquely accessible by water.    

A Sailboat

The sailing vessel is preferred because of the near autonomy it offers on the high seas. Operating the craft requires little to no fuel, eliminating the single biggest operating expense for an operation of this sort. A missionary family could live comfortably aboard any reasonably sized sailing vessel (with some limited room for crew and passengers). 

Cost Effective

Sailing Vessels are surprisingly affordable. It is possible to buy a fully-equipped 30’+ sailing vessel for less than $20,000 USD. That's the bulk of a missionary family's housing budget and most of their travel expenses for the foreseeable future. 

For the cost of a used 2015 GMC pick-up truck, a missionary will always have housing in whatever field he or she serves in.  A mission family theoretically would only need to pay for food and incidental expenses along with occasional repairs. 

Mission housing then works out to be a fraction of the cost with exponential utility. Docking and mooring fees are minimal and not strictly necessary. A sailing vessel can easily moor itself off of any shore and then a dingy can be used to transport the missionary to terra firma. 

The largest expenses come from maintenance; things tend to break down quickly at sea and there are often systems that fail and need replacement or redundancy. 

Helping the Persecuted Church

The dangers of entering or leaving any antagonistic nation are a major logistical obstacle to missions that deters many from entering fields that badly need laborers. 

Our hope is to provide a stable, cost effective, and reasonably safe way for persecuted Christians and refugees to enter or leave these places of hostility, thus facilitating a stronger response and a greater presence of the Church in those cultures. These operations are generally shorter visits, filling immediate needs such as delivering aid, supplying and assisting church plants, rescuing persecuted Christians, liberating victims of human trafficking, and transporting missionaries to where few else would dare. 

Sailing as a method of travel is generally much slower than most conventional means of transportation, and would not be an efficient option in today's world - except in the face of the extreme persecution and difficulties our missionaries face around the world today. For believers around the world, the special freedom offered on the high seas will answer prayers and deliver good news. 

Our labor will be squarely aimed at serving the most difficult mission fields and the most hard-to-reach places.   

Want to Get Aboard?

Interested in becoming a seafaring missionary? If you share the same passion for the Word of God and the will to make a radical sacrifice, abandon life and land, to go live and die for Christ - we want to hear from you. 

If you are already a skipper and want to know how to join our fleet, please drop us a line on the Contact Us form below. 

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