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We are praying for supporters who will be following our ministry, regularly praying for us, and supporting our mission financially. 

We plan to make regular (weekly) videos of life at sea for our skippers and their crew, but this takes a LOT of time and effort. 

You can help us dedicate more time to making awesome content by becoming a monthly supporter of Mission Fleet. 

Help to share our website, articles, and videos on your social media pages. Together we can pioneer a new concept ministry for modern missions - changing lives and planting seeds where few have gone before. 

It's up to those who believe in what we are doing to get the word out there!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Sneak Peek at some Good News!


Recently a friend of Mission Fleet has expressed intentions to give the Shiloh Family a Catalina 30 Sailboat. We will make an announcement when the paperwork is done! 

We will need to put a mast on this boat - which is a big job. But we think we can do it for less than $1,000. We will video our progress as we get this new boat ready to sail. Please feel free to donate to help us get the mast up on the new Catalina 30 for the Shiloh Family. 

Mission Fleet Episode 1 Preview

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